Prime Taxi SHC6801E – ★ Crazy, rude and no manner driver

6 Oct 2018  Beth | Taxi Company: Prime Taxi

Picked me up at Teban Gardens at around 12:35pm 26/09/18 and out of nowhere he just want to drop me off and said transfer to another taxi when we were almost entering the Aye. He just acted so fierce and shouted at me and use the word f**ck and shit. I was so surprised telling him that he doesn’t have the right to raise his voice and throw this kind of words because I am a passenger and if he doesn’t want to bring me over to Bugis he can actually refuse to take me as his passenger. He insulted me that I am just a foreigner, yes I am but I am working here in Singapore and living here for 7 years now and I have a high respect to people especially to elderly.

This driver ruined everything. I just don’t have the time to report to you immediately by email because of my busy schedules. I tried to contact your hotline the same day this happened but nobody is attending my call. I have captured a short video clip but not the whole video when he misbehaved, only after I told him I can report him to the police then came to my mind that I can video this driver as evidence.

I am writing this letter to avoid other people experience the same worse nightmare I’ve ever had with this taxi driver of yours. He shouldn’t be a driver if he has problem, emotionally and mentally. He will scare passengers and ruin your company name.

Frankly speaking, I don’t take silver cab anymore because of this experience of mine. I ever told my officemates and friends about this and show them the short video and they feel disappointed and all advise me to report it. Thank you.

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