Premier Taxis SHD1857Y – ★ Very Bad Experience

18 Feb 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
Just took a cab at around 5.40pm today at 18 Feb 2017 from JEM. We requested to go to Mount Sinai Lane and told the driver it is near Ghim Moh for easier reference but he refused to listen and started driving us to the west until we almost arrive Japanese Garden and then I told him we should be heading to the opposite way and he kept saying he would know where to go when he saw the sun in the west. We gave him benefit of doubt so we start using Google map to guide him but he kept saying stuff like there is what MRT…. East side is east coast and started saying all the MRT stations from Yishun to dont know where…. He was then turn back to the “east” and on track and it should have just gone straight to Clementi but then suddenly turned right back to JCube. He talked about us giving him wrong information of destination but we mentioned three times. So I couldn’t stand him any longer so I asked him to let us off the cab and I even paid him the fare of $6.98. I gave him $8 and he refused to return $1 to us and said we owed him the fare. He gave me back $1 until we said we could go to the police station if he wanted. Finally he gave me back the change but we were so angry. It’s been 2 years I’ve been living in Singapore and no such things happened until today and it just pissed me off. It’s a Sliver Cab by the way.

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