Premier Taxis SHD1808P – ★ Dangerous driving

14 Dec 2017   Lilian | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

I am not a passenger but a motorist on the road. This morning at around 945am, driver of vehicle SHD 1808 P swerved in dangerously beside me and attempted to squeeze into the filter lane leading to corporation road on KJE causing me to have to avoid him by going to the side and jam brake. This was despite several warnings to him with my horn.

As I was just right beside his rear as he squeezed in and there was another car behind me, I had to over take SHD1808P at the side after the bend. He was driving very recklessly and I wanted to avoid him. He probably thought I was challenging him and drove even more recklessly, all this while he had a passenger in his cab.

Up till him stopping at the roadside of Jalan Terusan (double yellow line), he did not once use his signal indicators and squeeze in between cars and large vehicles, even straddling between two lanes when there are motorcyclists around him.

He is a danger on the roads and I demand a follow up on this incident.

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