Premier Taxis SHD1108J – ★ Cheated

19 Sep 2016   Tan Kian Tiong | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I hope that I recall the vehicle number accurately. The taxi is a KIA model. My colleague and I got into the taxi from The Concourse at Beach Road at approximately 7.15 pm 19 September. We told the driver that we would like to go the Village Bugis Hotel near Bugis. We repeatedly told him at Arab Street and it was near the Sultan Mosque. He insisted that Village Hotel is not in Bugis. 10 minutes later, he drove us to another hotel called Village Hotel, which I do not recall its location. We then gave him the postcode of Village Bugis Hotel. He keyed it into his GPS and drove us to the right place this. Upon arrival, the journey costed S$ 12 plus. We requested for a the receipt which he was unable to produce citing reasons that there was no receipt. He was unable to produce a manual receipt as well. We paid him but we felt extremely cheated. If we did not have out luggage with us, we would have walked from The Concourse to Village Bugis Hotel, which is approximately 10 minutes away.

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