Premier Taxis SHD1083M – ★ Worst experience ever

20 Sep 2016   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
Worst taxi driver I’ve ever encountered! It’s safe to say he’s the first taxi driver that’s ever pissed me off so badly to the extent I’m even lodging this complaint. I did the taxi booking (@ Blk 151 Serangoon north avenue 2) via the GrabTaxi app with the side note indicating I have a quiet dog with me. Having waited for quite some time and seeing that he’s been around the vicinity (through the app), I decided to call him just in case he’s unsure of where to pick me up. I informed him that I’m at the car park behind block 151. He replied me with a nonchalant voice saying he don’t know where that is at. I myself am not familiarised with the area as I only brought my dog there to see the vet as he’s very ill and weak. Thus I couldn’t give the taxi driver any directions apart from telling him to keep a look-out for a gantry that would lead to the car park. He said he will try to find his way and hung up. I waited for another 5 minutes before he called and said that he can’t find block 151. Judging from the location map, I told him it was near to Serangoon community centre. He exclaimed and said “”So I have to drive out again?”” He told me he was at block 153 and asked if I could head out to the main road instead. I said okay and made my way there. Having waited under the hot sun whilst carrying my dog in my arms, I was perspiring like crazy. As I reached the side of the main road, I noticed his cab driving past me. I immediately rang him up and he told me that he found block 151 and is turning in. I informed him that I’m already along the main road and I saw his cab driving past me. He then replied me “”so how?”” At that point in time, I got quite irritated as my arms were aching from carrying my dog throughout plus the fact that I was perspiring very badly and to make matters worse, his tone and attitude throughout ALL the phone calls were bad, he sounded nonchalant and unhappy. After he mentioned that he was along the gantry of the car park, I told him that I’ll head over now to find him and told him not to move. But when I reached the gantry, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked around and waited along the road near the gantry hoping to find him. Unfortunately my phone died right at that point so I was unable to call him. I waited and waited. Finally I saw his cab. He drove past me a little and I hastily followed. He must have seen me as he slowed down and came to a halt along the road. As I was approaching his taxi, just 2-3m away, he suddenly accelerated and took off. That was the last straw. There was no way he did not see me and I was the only one around carrying a dog in my arms, I’m pretty sure it’s obvious enough to him that I’m the one who did the taxi booking. This to me, is an act of ridicule. Ive been patient enough walking to and fro taking the effort to find him and putting up with his displeased tone and attitude only to get ridiculed by him in the end. I wasted 30 minutes walking around with my sick dog in my arms and in the end I had to get another GrabCar instead. Taxi driver’s name: Png Kay Tong”

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