Premier Taxis SHD1066M – ★ Poor, rude

31 May 2019   Mdm Wong | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis (Silver)

I on board this taxi at jurong point J15 taxi stand, I saw the taxi window screen pasted sticker that he accept all sorts of payment mode, before I board the cab, I asked the taxi driver if he accept neta payment, before I finished my question, this driver went into the taxi cos he has been standing outside near his cab. So I just hopped on, since I saw the machine is functioning well, however when I reached my destination at boonlay, I told him that I want to pay by nets, he said No ,only cash! I asked him, how come he don’t accept nets or Visa since he has the machine and is also working condition and even got sticker showing all kind of mode of payment? ? He never even bother to answer my question and just said pay me cash! Lucky I managed to have some cash just nice to pay him. He did not give me a receipt. And his car plate number I dun really remember his last alphabet. But with the front SHD 1066 ,I am sure you may be able to find this driver. Ask him question, he chose not to answer or reply. As if I am talking to “ghost” or talk to myself.

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