Premier Taxis SHC6495E – ★ Rude and horrible driver

27 Sep 2016   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I was waiting for cab with my gal around 2pm at pasir ris drive 1. I hail the cab and he stop in front of me and when I am opening the door, the driver drove off suddenly. He stop in front a distance away and want to take another woman with a baby in hand. I went forward to approach him and ask why he jus move without telling. He came out of the car and start scolding say he want to take the woman n baby business. He said if I am not satisfied jus go and complain he dun care. He will get the woman to be the witness. Nvr see such a rude and unreasonable driver before. He could hv tell me the reason n not move off like this.

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