Premier Taxis SHC6137P – ★ JUST POOR

3 Feb 2019   Simon | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

Its 2019 but taxi scam is still a thing. I am really disappointed. So this is a formal complain to taxi driver with the car plate number SHC 6137P.

My friends and I took his cab at approximately 1:15am 3/2/2019 at Plaza Singapura taxi stand. We had two locations to go to which are Bedok South and Baungkok MRT. At the very beginning of the ride he asked us which route to take to go to Bedok South. My friend directed him the shortest path and he knew how to go. So after alighting my friend at Bedok South. He immediately first try to go into the deep end of the car park before making a three point turn even though there is clearly enough space to do a 3 point turn on the spot where my friend alighted. I immediately corrected him. After which he didn’t counsel me on the ideal route to take so I assumed he knew his way. However, I was wrong. After passing Bedok MRT he just went straight into PIE(Taus) and wanted to go to CTE(SLE/TPE) then AMK ave 5 then Baungkok which is one of the longest route anyone can take to Baungkok from Bedok. There are tons of ways that will take me to Baungkok at least 10 mins faster. I realised something was missing when he turn into PIE(Taus) while we were at still road. I questioned him about it and he said he wasn’t familiar with the route…

Please tell me how is this uncle in his late/early 50s do not know Singapore route and is a taxi driver… I really don’t get it. He had a GPS but doesn’t use it. He could have asked me like he did with my friend but he didn’t. I’m really not trying to give taxi uncles a hard time because I know their line of work is hard work but if you are out there just trying to scam people. You are giving a bad rap to the company and your industry. Fares that usually cost 20 plus dollar with midnight charges ended up costing close to 40$. I’m not pissed off about the fares but the effort you take to scam me could be better use to pick up another passenger.

Dear cab company, please give revision to routes of Singapore before even giving a license. This is an embarrassment .

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