Premier Taxis SHC6067H – ★ Unprofessional Attitude. Almost ran down my friend.

21 June 2017   Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
Incident happened at approximately 10.15pm on 20 June 2017. Driver name is Koh Joo Leng. Driver was travelling along Hougang Ave 8 before turning into block 541 Hougang Ave 8 without checking or slowing down, nearly knocking down my friend who was crossing the road. Although my friend stopped suddenly to let him pass, he proceeded to horn provocatively and even rolled down his window to challenge my friend to a fight (he tried to bully my friend who was a young teenager). There is a front facing video camera in the car so please go through the footage for evidence. After that incident, the vehicle was parked at block 541 which I assume is where the driver is living. The car is a silver Kia with “Premier Cab” stated on the sides. Please look into this and enforce the necessary disciplinary actions to save the company’s reputation so that this does not happen again. Thank you.

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