Prmier Taxis SHB8993B – ★ Dishonest driver tried to kidnap us!

02 Sep 2017   TANG CHUN | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

The journey was from the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. When entering the taxi, we explicitly requested the driver to drop us at the nearest MRT station BEDOK.

However, the driver made a detour to EUNOS MRT by stating that he did not hear our request and argued that the nearest station is EUNOS.

With disagreement with the driver, we required a receipt. The driver, who was suddenly irritated, refused to let us get off by locking the door, continued the ride with rage and threatened to leave us to a police station.
The word and the behavior of the driver were so violent and outrageous that we had the feeling of becoming victims of a kidnapping. Fortunately, there were 2 traffic policemen who helped to calm down the driver, who finally agreed to send us back to EUNOS MRT.

When my wife tried to reason with the driver, the driver rudely asked her to shut up.
The bill eventually came up to 13 SGD: the return journey cost us twice the amount we had paid for the ride from BEDOK MRT to food village on the very same day.

This is a very unpleasant experience because of the outrageous, rude and sexist behavior of the driver. Our guest from oversea and my wife were shocked and frightened.

We need to hear from Premiers taxis and require an apology from this driver. If no follow-on goes back to us in the coming fortnight, we shall escalate the case to judicial authority.

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