Premier Taxis SHB8774S – ★ Barbaric taxi driver who should be fired

3 Jun 2018   Theresa | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

My boyfriend wanted to flag a cab as it was green light and so the taxi passed us so my boyfriend thought he didn’t see us and hence he casually tapped on the cab the driver thought we hit his car side mirror and came out furious threatening my boyfriend.. And saying racist comments and he also provoked and pushed my boyfriend… He was acting like a gangster and using racial slurs at us…

It’s kind of shocking that anyone would hire and taxi driver that is so barbaric like this man. A bunch of Chinese passerbys came by and defended the Chinese taxi driver… Pushing my boyfriend so hard that he got hit by another car… It just breaks my heart to see something like this happening and it was a racism encounter for me as me and my boyfriend are Indians…

I feel like a person like this should be dismissed from the board… It’s heartbreaking to have been a victim of something like this. I really hope strict actions would be taken.

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