Premier Taxis SHB8639A – ★★ Rude

07 Oct 2017   Kiki | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis

On 6/10/2017, 15:06, I boarded a Premier Taxi Pte Ltd cab from the Changi airport terminal 3. It was assigned by the airport cab controller. The driver (with sunglasses) asked me: Pay cash? I replied Yes. He proceeded to ‘throw’ my luggage into his boot, I saw it and heard a ‘Bom’ sound. I want to feedback his attitude is inappropriate for picking up passengers in our world class Changi airport. A taxi service is one of the experiences provided to give the tourists a good impression of our country. His name is something Hock.. I think he needs to improve on his service mindset. However, he sent me safely to my destination.

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