Premier Taxis SHB8567Z – Super slow and Annoyed

24 Oct 2013   Amala | Taxi Company: Premier Taxis
I board the taxi at sgh today around 1050hrs I told the uncle I’m rushing and I need to go two places one at hoy fatt and upper boon keng.He took nearly 20 mins just to reach hoy fatt rd which usually takes me only around 5 mins.And I could have reached my other destination just in time for my appointment.Because of this incident I had to miss and reschedule my appointment.Even when u told him i was rushing he didn’t seem to increase the speed.and he kept making me repeat my destinations over and over again.I couldn’t even see the meter of the taxi. And he told me that he doesn’t have e facilities to use NETS which I was appalled to know because he had the sticker pasted on his window that payment can also be made by NETS. The timing shown in the taxi was also wrong I would like an explanation about the very unpleasant and upsetting experience I had.Thank you

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