Grab SHD81A – ★★★★ Respect and appreciation

31 Jan 2019   Peng Jingying | Taxi Company: Grab

In the morning on my way to the airport to send my family off, I dropped my ezlink card with important photos inside my card holder on his taxi. I only figured I lost it in the afternoon and when I called to check if I dropped it during the ride, Mr Sim confirmed it and arranged to meet me after his working hours. I felt bad because I had to trouble him so I told him I can go to a MRT station near his house which is at Woodlands but he said it’s okay and when he finished working, he immediately drove to below my block to pass my card to me (I stay rather far and at a inconvenient place at Canberra Cres).

I am very grateful for his kind act and he has been nothing but helpful during the whole journey in the morning and when he returned me my belongings. He came out of his car to help my mum and grandma to carry the luggage up when he could see that we were struggling and he even helped us carry it out when he dropped us off. His service attitude is the best among all the cabs I’ve taken in Singapore and I am very touched that there is still such a kind hearted person in this current competitive society of Singapore.

Thank you Mr Sim! You really made my day and I hope you can continue to spread your positive attitude to all the passengers you meet!

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