Grab SHC6011T – ★ A very very rude driver

29 Jun 2018   | Taxi Company: Grab

My wife and I just took this cab, with the driver name: Siah Chee Leng. It was a very bad and terrifying experience for us. The trip cost us $9 and we have only one $50 note in our wallet. So upon reaching our destination, we proceeded to pay using the $50 note.

To our surprise, the driver told us that he doesn’t has any small change and we should select the option of “no small change” (which we never heard before) when we booked the cab. And he said that we should read the terms and conditions carefully before booking a cab.

Knowing that we dont have any small change, he started to raise his voice, making comments that we are wasting his time. But at this moment, my wife who is PREGNANT was asking around, hoping that someone will have small change. And at this moment, unable to take his ranting, I told the driver to relax and wait while we look for small change. Because it was really very irritating, listening to his loud voice, repeating the same old thing.

The driver started to get agitated, and alighted out his vehicle and wanted to challenge me for a fight to settle this. If not, he asked me to state the place and time to settle this, and he told me he has a gang which he will asked them over to help him. I was really very very very shocked by this. As I was using a non-cam handphone, if not I will definitely take a video down and use it as an evidence.

The driver even told me that he will remember the place where he picked my wife and I up, and will ask his gang to look for us to settle this matter. Seriously, is this the attitude of our taxi drivers? Will the driver really look for us for trouble? I really don’t know and with my wife pregnant now, I am very worried.

I am going to lodge a police report with regards to this as I am very worried. Taxi drivers are often the very first line of people that foreigners get to meet when they come to Singapore.

So is this the image that we are trying to portray? I seriously think that Silver Cab should think about it and have a tighter system to shortlist your drivers.

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