Comfort Taxi SHD999C – Very Poor Service and Attitude

6 Dec 2013   Victoria Leong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I boarded a Mercedes Taxi SHD999C from Marina Cruise Centre on 6 Dec at about 10 am. I have read and heard much about poor service attitude of such taxi drivers, including stories of how some behave like gangsters, but this is the first time I encounter one. Barely 3 mins into the trip, the driver picked up a phone call, apparently from one of his colleagues. He spoke very loudly in Hokkien, talking about what are some fares that he would not pick up because it was “”not worth it””. This confirms reports that one problem to our poor taxi service is the behavior of some taxi drivers, many of them driving limousine taxis. When we reached the destination, I paid the required fare with surcharge. As my wife had to take care of my son, and the luggage were quite heavy, I politely asked for his assistance with taking the luggage from the boot. To my surprise (and rude shock), he said my wife could help. He further said that he is not a porter and is responsible for only driving. He also challenged me to complain about him. In the end, I have no choice but to carry the heavy luggage from the boot on my own. With such taxi drivers, our taxi standards will never go up.

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