Comfort Taxi SHD6908B – ★ Bad attitude and refuses to admit his mistakes

20 May 2018   Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Booked a cab and when he arrived, I waved at him, he ignored. Waved at him again, he did not care. After calling him, he gave tons of excuses. Below are as follow,

1. I asked him, did he see me wave at him? He said he cannot simply pick other people up.

2. I asked him the place that I was standing on can also approach to ask. He said that he cannot simply ask people. I told him if I did not book or see his car’s plate number, why did I wave at him? He said he cannot pick people up anyhow. Keeps repeating the same thing!

3. I asked him why can’t he call the customer? He said his ear piece is spoil.

After about 8 to 10 mins finally he let me board his cab. Inside the cab he still insisted that he’s not wrong.

Please educate your drivers, if drivers do not ask, how do they verify the correct customer? Get a new ear piece if it is spoil, don’t blame ear piece or handphone. And if the driver did a mistake, just admit it, don’t keep on saying that he is not wrong and keep on repeating by saying he cannot pick people up anyhow.

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