Comfort Taxi SHD3935S – ★ Nightmare

15 Sep 2018  Ittetsu | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I picked up the taxi at Changi Airport, asked to bring me to my house at West Coast. The car drove on AYE, then suddenly slowed down and eventually stopped. The car was gradually slowing down however driver did not drove to the shoulder, so car stopped at mid of the lane. I pushed the car to the shoulder. I’d asked to arrange another taxi to pick me up, but nothing coming… The driver’s communication was quite poor, he just said “sorry” but I could not feel any sincere apologies from him. I did wait about one hour there, within taxi but no airconditioner.

More than one hour later, only wrecker was coming but no taxi came. Driver asked me to ride together on wrecker then he will bring me to home. Then eventually arrived at home. Usually it takes about 30 mins, but it took more than 90 mins. I complained to the driver that why you did not arrange the pick up taxi earlier, he excused as “it’s busy hour”. But it’s 1am midnight and there are several green lamp passed us on AYE. How come?

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