Comfort Taxi SHD3515X – ★ Worst driver

24 June 2017   Shabarna Mukherjee | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
The cab driver was a Indian Man with a turban (Sardar -commonly called). Was extremely rude person and drove the car very rashly I was travelling with my mother 68 years and 8 year old daughter. On arrival to my condo when I asked him to reverse into my lobby so I can unload my bags.. He was extremely rude and refused said “can not you get off here ” When I said I need to unload my bags even then he didn’t bother. My mother is 68 years old and walks with a stick. He was so inconsiderate and harsh. He drove car so rashly on the speed breakers inside our condo we literally bounced on our seats. I didn’t experience such a behaviour from a driver from your reputed firm. I always use Comfort Delgro for travelling. The drivers has been nice helpful always this my worst experience.

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