Comfort Taxi SHC8792J – Totally Disappointed

6 Dec 2013   Lim Chi Tuck | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Taxi No. SHC8792J Trip NO 120622215 Amount Paid $18.55 Start 22:21 -22:46 Distance 18.2KM I am a person who takes cab frequently and has been glad with the service all these years. However, today evening, i took a cab from Serangoon North to Tampines, requesting the route to go by TPE. Clear obvious instruction has been verbalised to the cab driver but instead, he took a turn that heads to CTE, saying that he would like to go by CTE to Tampines! This is an obvious situation to know that it will have slow moving traffic at PIE at that point of time and its obviously a longer route. I took many taxi from the exact same spot from serangoon north, to the exact same spot at the Tampines destination during midnight(s) and the total fare including midnight charge has always been less than 18SGD. Yet today, i only paid for peak hour surcharge,25%, and its more expensive compared to when i pay for midnight surcharge of 50%? And why should he insist on going CTE even when i state that i would like to go by TPE? Because he would like to scam a few dollars from me? Normally the distance would be around 14KM, yet in this case, he drove for a freaking 18.2KM and for 25 minutes! He is even taking his own sweet time to drive. I am very disappointed with this situation encountered and hoping for an explanation and a solution to this.

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