Comfort Taxi SHC7854X – ★ Stupid and blind driver

2 Apr 2018   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

The worst experience! Driven by a stupid & blind taxi driver! He drove passed my drop off point (Bartley Mrt drop off point) & told me to walk across the road using the overhead bridge to the Mrt entrance on the opposite side of the road!!!! Why would I pay money for you to miss the big entrance with both escalators and lift lobby on this side of the road that you said “don’t be angry la, I never taken Mrt before so don’t know” & to walk in the hot sun to cross an overhead bridge!?!?” Still got the cheek to charge me full amount including the extra for the delay on the main road that caused a long honking string of bus and cars behind while he argued with me AND for that EXTRA distance.

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