Comfort Taxi SHC708E – ★ Didn’t take taxi

15 Sep 2018  Sarah | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Subject: Complaint yellow taxi SHC 708E

I was waiting in queue at Clementi Mall taxi stand and his taxi indicated Jurong East – I said I was going to Jalan Lempeng which is on the way to Jurong East. As far as I know if a taxi wants to pick up a passenger at a taxi stand and the passenger is not going in a different direction, the taxi driver cannot reject. While I know he wants to maximise his earning but I have also been standing in the queue just to take a taxi. On TOP of that when I asked him why he reject taking me when my destination is on the way he rudely said I am going Jurong East what why cannot ah? This is the reason why passengers prefer to take grab cars because grab cars are not so stuck up and more hungry for business. If I can I will never take your taxis again I rather call for Grab.

I would appreciate if you counsel this taxi driver who is giving a bad name to your company. No wonder many people said they rather book grab then be at mercy of these comfort taxis who like to choose their destination and don’t care if passengers have also been patiently queuing.

Please revert to me what action has been taken.

Thanks, Sarah.

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