Comfort Taxi SHC3899T – Unsure taxi driver

6 Nov 2013   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Just returned home from an overseas trip and was hoping to just get a quick cab ride home since I live in the East side of Singapore. Once I boarded the cab, I told the driver I would be heading towards Sims Drive/Geylang Lorong 17. The driver didn’t answer me whether he heard my request or not but since he proceed to remain silent, I presumed he knew where he was going. When he exited the highway through Paya Lebar, he quietly skipped the right turn at the first junction; which leads straight down to my house. Instead he took a big loop. The moment I told him he could have turned right on the first junction, he blatantly said, “”The traffic was too busy I didn’t see.”” If he had known the way to where I was going, busy traffic would never have been a factor to hinder his judgement on where to turn. Once we got off, he blamed ME for not telling him the destination point properly when I already said VERY CLEARLY AND LOUDLY that I was heading to Sims Drive/Geylang Lorong 17. I was absolutely frustrated and pissed off by his irresponsible action. The way he behaved it is as though he wanted to earn a few bucks more by taking a big loop instead of going the shorter route. And BLAMING the customer is totally UNFORGIVABLE under any circumstances after all we are the ones who contribute to their pays and they should provide at least a BASIC level of respect and service for ALL customers regardless. I do hope Comfort Cab would do something to train your drivers to have better manners and instill some character/integrity in these people.

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