Comfort Taxi SHC3512J – ★ Reckless driving

17 Sep 2018  | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I was not using the taxi myself, but encountered the taxi driver (SHC3512J, white Mercedes E220) on the road on Sunday, 16 September 2018, around 4.35pm. Firstly, the driver stopped in the middle of a yellow box, blocking my way onto Upper East Coast Road from the Summit condominium.. From there we were both driving onto ECP, where the taxi driver made a sudden line change, which forced me to brake abrupt. I honked the taxi driver for this reckless driving.

A little later on ECP, driving towards Benjamin Sheares Bridge, the same taxi driver made an illegal overtaking manoeuvre on my left side. It seems that I wasn’t driving fast enough, even though my speed was 95km/h at the time when he overtook me. I honked and signalled the driver several times for his reckless driving, but he refused to acknowledge and continued to just stare straight ahead. The overtaking manoeuvre and the speed at the time I was overtaken have been captured by camera. Drivers like this should be taken off the roads immediately.

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