Comfort Taxi SHC3239Z – ★ Shockingly rude taxi driver

24 Feb 2018   Syed Muhammad Hafiz | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I had book the said taxi via the SMS service earlier today. Initially the driver was professional in receiving us ( my wife, baby and I). He did not say anything throughout the trip which I thought was normal. Then towards the end of the journey, my wife and I realized we might not have enough cash. I proceeded to check both our wallets, while at the same time maintaining my glance towards the fare meter.

As we approached our destination, I thought we might have just enough for the trip so I emptied out both my wife’s and my own wallet. When the taxi stopped, I passed the driver our notes first and was counting the coins before making sure that we had the full amount. Unfortunately, I we short of 20 to 30 cents so I offered the driver to pay by NETS.

That was when he, very rudely, replied, “You already passed me your money right? What more you want!” He wasn’t exactly shouting but his tone surprised both of us. We could have paid the full amount via NETS but he waved us off. And I was just making sure that he is ok with that by asking him again, yet he just brushed us off rudely – as if we planned to not pay him the full amount which was just a few cents short in the end.

I wish to complain about this shockingly rude behavior as I thought it was very uncalled for. First of all, I was carrying a lot of bags and my wife was carrying our baby, hence I was very thankful to get a taxi initially. However the driver’s rude behavior spoiled our both our moods for the rest of the day. I thought with stiff competition from companies like Grab and Uber, conventional taxi drivers would strife to better their performance? I know that price is always a factor but I would rather pay more for a driver who would treat me with respect, compared to a cheaper fare but a driver who do not possess even basic courtesy.

I hope you will counsel this particular driver accordingly. My wife and I were thinking that maybe he had a tiring day, or might have encountered a nasty passenger before us but surely, that does not warrant him to let it out on the next passenger?

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