Comfort Taxi SHC2649E – Utterly Displeased

6 Dec 2013   Kaiying | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
To whom it may concern, I am very displeased by an incident that happened yesterday morning (06-Dec-2013) in a Comfort taxi SHC2649E, Mr Tan. Every morning as usual i will on call a cab. It shows 3-5 mins for the cab to arrive. However i was late for 5 mins. I board the cab and the cab uncle said in a angry manner that he waited for very long and had already click ‘no show’. I kept quiet and was still in a cab waiting for him to drive off. After about 20 secs, he was still eating and drinking water. So i told him, “”are you going off?”” He replied “”I’m eating, if you can wait you wait. If you cannot wait you get out and take other cab.” HE IS TELLING ME TO GET OUT AND WAIT FOR ANOTHER CAB IF I CANT WAIT! How can such attitude be acceptable? Please kindly look into this matter. You may contact me at [email protected]

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