Comfort Taxi SHC1884Z – ★ Disgrace to the profession.

23 Dec 2013   Mr Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
1. He watch video on his mobile n drove at 65 to 70km.How to concentrate on driving safety n smooth? 2.His route planning cost me $15.95 which I think can be $12.95. Drove from vivo city from ECP enroute to Geylang to Bendemeer. SHOULD, go by CTE n come out by Serangoon. No need to make a big loop again at Bendemeer exit, Mom is only 100m by the filter lane. 3.Wearing earpiece n watching video, can hear hornnings from cars? 4.I dun want to complaint in the first place but his enthics really pisses me off.

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