Comfort Taxi SHC1662Y – ★ Horrible

26 Oct 2016   Wong | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
It was raining heavily on the evening of 25th October and I decided to book a cab to two destinations, with the first being Bedok north street two block 122 and change city point. I dialled comfort booking hotline and told the customer officer specifically on my pick up location. I waited at my pick up location but the cab did not turn up after 10 minutes. I decided to look around the vicinity of my block as I understand some taxi drivers may not be well conversant in English. Then, I found the cab waiting at another sheltered walkway instead of the one which I have specifically told the customer service officer. When I told the driver that he had waited at the wrong location and I JUST WANTED TO FIND OUT IF THE CALL CENTRE HAD INFORMED HIM OF THE EXACT LOCATION, he did not answer my question and replied me loudly: SO, I WAITED AT THE WRONG LOCATION AND YOU ARE NOT HAPPY IS IT, WRITE AN EMAIL TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ME OR CALL THE COMPLAIN HOTLINE! I keep quiet and he drove to bedok north. When he arrived at bedok north and passed Feng Shan community centre, he was not sure of where to turn and when I directed him of where to turn, he gave me a very hard stare at the mirror indicating that he was not happy. I asked him if he was not familiar and he replied loudly again: I DON;T STAY IN THESE AREA AND WHY SHOULD I BE FAMILIAR WITH HERE! I told him that I am asking him a question in a polite manner and this is not the way to answer my question. Then, he accused me of making a lot of noises when I boarded his cab, which I did not. My friend boarded the cab at bedok north and we dropped off at Changi City Point alighting point. He rudely snatched the cab fare $15.20 (inclusive of booking fee and peak hours surcharge) and returned my change without a word of thank you, which I did not expect anyway. After I alighted from his cab, he looked at me and stared from his cab for a very long time before driving off. This is totally unnecessary and uncalled for. I have called up comfort hotline and feedback my nasty experience with this driver and I expect an answer by Friday, 28th October. I will follow up with another email to LTA and Public Transport Council soon as I am totally disgusted with the behaviour of this arrogant taxi driver, Mr Toh (License Plate SHC 1662Y).

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