Comfort Taxi SHBXXXX28K – no safety standards and rude!

1 Dec 2013   Kinga Farrow | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
Dear Sir/ Madam I would like to make a complaint about the driver of taxi SHB ending with 28K (pick up location was 1020 East Coast Parkway at about 12:15 noon on Sunday 1 December 2013 – I booked using mobile number). 1. DISREGARD FOR SAFETY The taxi driver did not stop at a car park (which is where the taxi was ordered) but on the street – forcing me to cross the street carrying a 1-year old baby in my arms and holding a 3 year old baby plus bags in the other. He has put everyone in danger by driving off immediately upon entering the taxi. He did not wait at all for us to be seated property and did not allow me to fasten the seat belts of my children. He did not listen when I asked him to wait until at least my children are safe! This is incredible disregard of basic safety, especially including young passengers! 2. RUDENESS When I asked him to stop driving and wait until everyone is safe and secure – he told me to get out of his taxi! This is totally rude. Also he has never apologised for his behaviour I find his behaviour below the high standards I am used to expect from Comfort Taxi and I hope this is an unfortunate exception from an otherwise great customer service.

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