Comfort Taxi SHB8666X – Horrible Service

24 Oct 2013   Angel Chan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Dear Sir / Madam,

I boarded this Mercedes taxi SHB8666X at Bukit Merah Central Blk 162, heading towards Tampines Street 34.

Upon boarding, the Malay driver suggested to take ECP, and I agreed. For the next 10mins, he was moving at 60km/hr. As I am in a hurry, I politely mentioned that to him and would appreciate if he drive a little faster. His response was, “”Why? I am also in a hurry what. So many cars how to drive faster?

I kept quiet and decided to see how it goes.

As I was holding onto a finished drink (could not find a trash bin earlier), he then questioned me, “”Where you put your drink?

This came out rudely as I had place the drink into my own bag and not anywhere on the seat after I boarded. I replied that its inside my bag and then he started to complain that if I had place it on the seat it may dirty the car if he brakes suddenly.

Next, he went onto ECP and move into the first lane. However, he continued at a speed of 60km, only occasionally moving up to about 70km. When we were about to exit from the ECP, he then went on to cut across 2lanes into the exit lane without signalling.

Upon reaching my destination, there was not a single “”Thank you”” from him at all.

Firstly, this driver is obviously not cut out to drive a prestige cab if this is the kind of service that he provides to his passengers. Is this the kind of image that we portray to others, especially tourists that he may pick up along the way? He is plain rude and it is such a horrible experience for me especially when I am paying more for a prestige cab but am getting a service worse off than normal ones.

Secondly, he does not possess gracious driving skills. He cut into lanes without signalling and even hog on the first lane while that should be an over taking lane. And if is unable to speed up the journey, he can always put it across in a more tactful way.

Please kindly look into this driver’s record and also advise on his service standards. I am also from a service industry and this is obviously not what I had expected.

Thank you and have a good day.

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