Comfort Taxi SHB6663S – Lying to rip people off

08 Oct 2013   Melanie | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

“I just arrived on Mohamed Sultan road were I was waiting for a taxi, as I do every day. It is very easy to have taxi there at that time of the day and rarely wait for more than 30 seconds to get a blue or yellow cab (which I noticed are cheaper and very good).

The limousine was parked next to me but I wasn’t interested in it because I know that they are more expensive, and I can easily get a cheaper car by waiting 30 secs. The driver got out of the car and come to me to offer to bring me to my destination. I refused mentioning that it was more expensive. He told me “”No, it’s just a better car but it’s the same price””. As I was unaware of the cost per meter, I at least pointed out that the initial fare was 3.90 versus 3.20 only for many other cab, or even less for older cars. So he responded “”don’t worry for the initial fare, I do the same price for you””. As there was no one else waiting for cabs and he seemed to be desperate, I felt a bit sorry for him and as he had offered me the same price as a normal car, I accepted and got in the car. When I told him my destination and we started running, he started complaining that it was very far, and so he wouldn’t give me the same prize because it’s a big journey and for such a big journey it’s normal that I pay more (Mohamed Sultan – MBFC, at 10.30 am is a “”Big journey””?!) Then he said it’s not true that the other car were cheaper anyway. Also He did not put the amount he charged on the screen, so I couldn’t see how much I was being charged until I arrived. When I arrived, he told me the prize 6.9. I do that journey at the same time every day and I pay on average 5 dollars (from 4.6 up to 5.80 if it rains and there is traffic … but no traffic, no rain today). I complained it was 2 dollars more expensive that my usual fare and reminded him he said he would give me the same prize, to which he replied “”don’t care””. I paid cash but asked for a receipt. He told me “”I can’t give you a receipt, it’s too late already””. then I took a picture of his taxi number, and when he realized he said “”Ok OK, no need, I give you a receipt”” and he gave it to me. (So he was lying again when he told me he couldn’t give me a receipt).

I was lied to and ripped off by this taxi driver and I am extremely upset about it and about encountering that kind of dishonesty in Singapore. I feel this kind of individuals give an terrible image of an otherwise reliable and trustworthy taxi company. I have already decided that unless there is absolutely no other choice, I will avoid using this company from now on.”

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