Comfort Taxi SHB6604M – ★ A grumpy complaining driver

11 Nov 2016   Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I took the ride from Tekka Centre where the wet market is. As he started driving, he started complaining about how smelly his taxi had become. My bags were in the boot. After informing him that my things were nicely bagged up, he stopped the taxi and checked my items. He continued driving and was still complaining. I suggested that the smell came from my shoes instead of the bags and that if he was not happy, he should just drop me off there and then. But no, he did not stop the taxi. He continued complaining in his high-toned voice. I suggested 3 times that he stop the car if he was not happy. He went on to say that he was not complaining. I suggested for him to not pick up any passengers from any wet markets in future. Obviously our sandals, slippers or shoes would smell having spent time in such an area. As a paying passenger, I do not want to hear complaints. I was his passenger. Be professional about it. It’s either he drives me or he doesn’t.

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