Comfort Taxi SHB4126P – ★ Terrible

14 Dec 2013   Dannie Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I was heading to Bishan St 24 from Yishun Ave 1 to hand my friend something. At the junction, i asked the cab driver to turn to the right car park but instead he turned to the left car park which is much more further. I corrected him by asking him to turn to the right, he shouted at me and asked me that which car park do i want him to turn in? Nonetheless, i still spoke to him politely and told him to turn in to the 1st right car park. From the journey back from Bishan to Yishun St 81, the driver was driving at a speed of 80 to 90km/hr which is speeding. I did not expected that rude attitude was thrown to me as i have told him to turn the right before he head to anywhere. This is really terrible as Singapore is truly a service orientated country. i am disappointed with my encounter with Comfort City Cab.

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