Comfort Taxi SHB2407 – “Best Driver Ever”

6 Nov 2013   nwys2000 | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
He is without doubt one of the ‘best’ drivers I have ever encountered. He is definitely very concerned about losing business for himself and the company. He constantly reminded me that it was peak hour. This reminded me of the ‘great’ service he had done by waiting 5 minutes for me with the meter running. I hope the $5 I paid for that 5 minutes is sufficient to pay for his lunch that day. By the way, I had wanted to go to Shenton Way after dropping my child off at Jurong West. He would have made about $30 to $35 from the trip. Hope he managed to pick up a lot of customers since it was peak hour. He might have more if he had waited and sent me to Shenton Way.

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