Comfort Taxi SHA8989U – ★ Horrible scary ride and the driver has serious mental issues

17 May 2018   Maninder Khurana | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Comfort Delgro SHA8989U

Along with 3 of my colleagues, I took a cab from Computer Center (National University of Singapore) to Khansama restaurant (87 Science Park Drive, #02-01). The distance (maps) is 3.2 Km and generally, we pay about 7-8 $. The cab driver first took us all around to AYE but since we did not tell him explicitly so we did not have any problem. We were just chatting amongst ourselves.

While going on AYE we soon realised that he did not take the exit that we were supposed to take first at NUH and then at Normanton Park. He missed 2 exits. Then we told him that you have taken us through such a long route its clearly 4-5 Kms extra than what it should be. Puzzled by the situation, I wanted to give him a chance to explain and asked him, why did you not take the 2 exits? He does not respond. 2-second silence and then I ask him again that I want to simply ask you please at least reply to the question. Complete silence.

I complained to my colleagues that the least he can do is to explain to us. He then replied in Mandarin, that he cannot speak English. This translation was provided by one of my colleagues who is of Chinese ethnicity. Then he started showing rage and started driving extremely rash first at the roundabout at Alexandra road and AYE intersection and then at the Normanton park traffic light.

All of us were scared of what he was doing and we were too stunned to talk anymore. We thought it might be better to simply get it over with and not say anything. But then he started becoming more and more rash and at 2 or 3 separate occasions we came close to colliding with another object or car.

When we reached, we were simply relieved that we reached and just wanted to be finished with him. 3 of us in the back seat alighted and the one in the front asked him for the charge. He first said no need but my colleague insisted that we will pay what is due, he didn’t have change. We payed 12 $ and left. I took picture of his number and he shouted from the car “Ya ya, Take properly”- in English.

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