Comfort Taxi SHA7349Z – ★ Poor Service

09 Oct 2017   Mrs Yeo | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

I was very unhappy with the taxi driver throughout the whole trip. He did not bother to check how to get to my destination. I had to propose him to check Google map and he still cannot find the way. I even told him some main landmarks of the area, yet he nearly drove me to Kovan. I corrected him before he was about to drive further from my housing estate, imagining it was already 2am in the morning and I could not wait to reach home asap! We went rounds around the neighbourhood and he did not apologise at all. What was supposed to be a short and cheaper trip, ended up unexpectedly expensive and time-consuming. If I had known this would happened, I would have chosen my earlier Grab/Uber options instead of hopping onto this taxi. Though he gave me $2 discount, but the trip was definitely worth way lesser than $7. I just felt that either he was trying to cheat my money, if not his attitude was just super poor. Hope you can understand my frustration and review on this. This was by far the worst taxi ride of my life.

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