Comfort Taxi SHA6051M – ★ Very rude

11 May 2018   Don Chuah | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I took the above taxi from Changi airport Terminal 1 at approx 10.30 pm to my friends place at Bedok. I gave the address to the taxi driver, and he told me that he can take me to the street in Bedok but not the exact address. So, when I told him that I am from Australia and really don’t know the place well. He was very rude to me and said that my slang is local and that I should know the address. I told him that he is a taxi driver and that he should know most of the place well, he back chatted me and told ask me do I know the whole of Australia well. In that instance I did not want to pursue the argument with him. When I told him that I might want to make a complain on him, he challenged me to go ahead. Very rude and loud too.

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