Comfort Taxi SHA567G ★★★★ Kindest, caring, most compassionate driver I have come across in Singapore.

11 Dec 2013   Joy Leworthy | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I am an expat and live on the East Coast. I had to go to KK Hospital as my 13 month old daughter hurt her arm. The driver arrived before the quoted time. My daughter was crying as she was in pain and the driver was caring enough to ask what the problem was. He tried to get us there as quick as possible but took care to drive as gently as he could. It was my first time to KK hospital and he dropped me exactly where I had to go. He was very concerned and offered me help exiting his cab 🙂 even though I had someone along to help. In the worried state that I was I did not get his name but he certainly is an asset to his company. A job well done and I hope to drive in his can again!

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