Comfort Taxi SHA4046S – ★ Very poor and dangerous driver

23 Mar 2018   Tan | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Cutting in across lanes dangerously . Despite horns, I’m sure we could provide a video of him almost causing an accident. The uncle harshly cut in to save the few seconds even thou we are just side by side. We could have let him go first if he was polite. But not only that, he was rude and ignore us. We gave a horn to caution him, but he ignored and continued to squeeze forward just because his lane was blocked by another car. To save that 1 minute, we strongly believe that this type of dangerous driving should be discouraged ,in order not to bring down the entire premium service standard of comfort cab. The incident took place on 23/3/18 1015pm near Bugis Middle road. Please review and let the driver be aware of such. Thank you greatly

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