Comfort Taxi SHA3473Z & SHA7035D – ★ Irresponsible

28 Sep 2018  Ms Ng | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

Taxi Number: SHA 3473 (did not show up)
Taxi Number: SHA 7035 (did not show up)
Pick Up Date/Time: both did not show up
Pick Up Location: Nanyang kindergarten to Bukit Timah Road

I booked a taxi via comfort app at 3.42pm with taxi SHA3473 arriving in 2-4 mins. I saw from the track taxi it was already in coronation road. After waited for 15 mins never showed up and then at 3.57pm I received a message from the taxi that said my booking has been canceled.

At 3.59pm a replacement taxi SHA 7035 was confirmed arriving 2-4 mins. Again waited and no sign of the taxi. Traffic was normal with some cars but definitely not jam. The distance from school to my house is around 5 mins but in the end I only reach home after 30 mins.

I only managed to board a taxi myself at 4.02pm. My baby was left waiting under the hot sun without an umbrella for 20 mins due to the irresponsible drivers attitude.

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