Comfort Taxi SHA2470M – ★★★ A honest and kind driver

10 Sep 2016   Angela Cheng | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi
I would like to compliment this driver for his honesty and attentiveness to his passenger. I was drunk yesterday and had fallen asleep in his cab. Im truly grateful that he send me home safely without going one big round to earn more fares from me. That is the usual charges for the cab fare from the pick up location to my destination after sending my friend home at punggol. My friend told the driver my address when she was alighting and the next thing i knew was the driver was waking me up telling me that i have reach home. After paying him, i alighted not realising that i have left something behind. The driver made the effort to chase up and return me my stuff. I really appreciate his thought and effort to check whether his passenger had left something behind. Lastly i would like to say thank you to him for his actions.

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