Comfort Taxi SH99882 – ★ A detour and the double fee of usual

25 Aug 2018  Nobuko | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

We told the driver to take us by Newton Circus, nevertheless, he took a detour!!!! And the fee was more expensive than usual(about double!!!).

He said that the fee was so expensive because of the jam however, the proper way(using Newton Circus) mustn’t have had such a jam.

Before we started, we also told him that the destination was nearby United Square(other drivers understand where we want to go if we explain like this). However, after he took the detour, he confirmed like this, “near the Novena church?”

He must have known the proper way or if he didn’t, he must have been thoughtfully. The driver was to be blamed of our expensive fee. Refund please!!!(it’s okay via Grab coupons)

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