Comfort Taxi SH7102B – ★ Longest Trip Ever!!!!

10 May 2019   Ms Cheang | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi (Blue)

Booked the taxi from my office Sungei Kadut around 2.10pm to my meeting at construction site near Mandarin Gardens on 9/5/19, the driver asked me which road to travel and I told him the shortest route without traffic. As he started to move, I realized it was not my usual way, so I asked which way he was travelling? He then replied go by this way which had less traffic (if not mistaken was SLE then TPE).

I took a nap during the trip, when I woke up then realized the driver was driving at Tampines / Loyang area. It was such a shocked and I asked why he drove to Tampines? His replied, go straight then turn out to Bedok then Upp East Coast…..very fast will reach…..he then speed up to average more then 70km and rushed me to my destination. We have record for the distant travel, as almost every Thursday we booked cab to the same place for meeting. The usual distant were less than 30km, where this driver’s was 39.7km.

We as the passenger will depend on the driver who will be professional enough to use the best / shortest route and aware of the current traffic conditions, to ensure we reach our destination fast and safely. This driver used such a long way which not only increase the taxi fair also wasted so much time. This was such an unpleasant journey caused me money, time and also I was very late for my meeting.

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