Comfort Taxi SH6361B – ★ Passengers beware

5 May 2018   Terry Moran | Taxi Company: Comfort Taxi

For the first time in 15½ years, using your taxi service, my friend and I have never been left on the side of the road, in the rain. To make it worse my leg is in a brace and I use a walking stick.

1. Because your driver decided to take me the long way home despite having GPS on.

2. Your driver was defensive then when we were on to him taking the wrong route.

3. Driver refused to pause the meter until we were back on route & challenged us to alight the cab instead.

4. Blamed us the passengers for not providing directions after. This only became evident when he informed us he was new and didn’t know the way.

We have taken this trip many times over 10 years and never once was taken the wrong way.

Clearly this “new” driver needs to learn taxi driving 101; which is to inform the passengers at the beginning of a trip that he is unsure of the route. We are more than willing to assist so that we can reach our destination the quickest possible.

I would suggest if other passengers come across a blue ComfortDelGro Taxi with the license plate SH6361B to give it a miss. Apologies the photo is blurry. The driver drove off very quickly to avoid us taking the photo.

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