CityCab SHC0812 – ★★★★★ Outstanding conscientious driver rescues passenger about to miss flight

10 Dec 2018   Gabriel Thomas | Taxi Company: CityCab

I was trying unsuccessfully for 45 minutes to book a taxi to get to the airport beginning at 11.00 a.m. In desperation I started to run over to taxis dropping off passengers near my location and the only driver who decided to help me was Mr. Lim of SHC 0812, a white Mercedes Limo cab. He told me that the look of desperation and panic on my face alerted him that I was about to miss my flight if I didn’t get a taxi immediately. My luggage was next to me and he had seen it. After he had dropped off his passenger, he turned around to come shuttle me to Changi Airport. Mr. Lim told me that he had to inform his company that he had to turn down his next booking which was at Wellington Circle, Block 509C. He had never done anything like that before and was concerned that he might get into trouble with the company.

It is for this reason I am writing to you not to chastise him but to applaud him for being compassionate and making the correct decision in an emergency. He has elevated the quality service reputation of your company and should be duly rewarded. Thank you for being understanding.

H/P: 82436067

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