CityCab SHC0134L – ★ Rude nasty driver

15 Dec 2013   Tosh | Taxi Company: CityCab
We took a cab and we told the driver nicely where to go. Then he said cannot drop there. But then he started shouting at us and saying rude words. I don’t think drivers should be nice to be like that. For foreigners, resident or to anyone. We are customers. But this me. Kwa chin yee is a rude and racist. He said u foreigners go come here take our money! Exact words he said. I mean y does that thing need to be included right?! We help this country too if we come then there’s tourism plus if we work here we do it in the best of our ability. We work as professionals and we don’t deserve such a rude shouting driver. For no reason especially. Such a racist too.

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