CityCab SHB4974H – ★★ Poor

1 Jun 2019   | Taxi Company: CityCab (Yellow)

I booked a JustGrab ride for my sister with 5 children (1 teenager, 2 children – 12yo and 8 yo, 1 toddler and an infant). I understand that the teenager is considered as an adult so that makes 2 adults and 3 children along with an infant which by right is still within the criteria of taxi seating capacity. She kept emphasising that her insurance does not cover the number of people and she should have rejected my sister due to the number of people. Even though she explained to my sister nicely but how will my sister be able to separate her young kids with 2 different rides? There has never been a problem with other drivers accepting this even though most times she gets rejected due to the number of children she has with her. It is already difficult to handle 5 children on her own but having drivers to reject her or reiterate about this matter when she is accepted for the ride has become a common problem.

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