CityCab SHD9640 – ★ Arrogant road hog

5 Mar 2018   Mary Goh | Taxi Company: CityCab

On 5 Mar at about 7.20am along CTE towards Orchard, the above arrogant driver was hogging Lane 1 at 60-70 km/hr. Despite honking, driver refused to give way and continued at his slow speed. Isn’t he aware of road etiquette that to keep left unless overtaking and he was obstructing traffic on Lane 1, forcing other drivers to overtake from the left. Which I was left with no choice, but to overtake him from the left by squeezing between Lane 1 and 2. Does this driver have a proper licence or does he need to re-take his Driving Theory again?

Would be good for your Co to investigate and update me of the outcome of your investigation. I believe he has a back passenger.

Thank you.

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