CityCab SHA8820Y – ★ In total disgust that this kind of driver still exists in Singapore!

3 Aug 2018  Yip | Taxi Company: CityCab

Trip number:080314203

I took the taxi queue from Changi Airport T2 arrival and had this driver of SHA8820Y to drive me to 145 Pasir Ris Griove Condo. During the trip, the driver was talking over this phone with another person about picking up a passenger (me in this case) and it was such a “fucking tough luck” for him.

Upon alighting the taxi, the driver then wind down his window and spit out loud from his driver window as he drove away. In fact, the driver continued to spit out loud to demonstrate his displeasure.

It was totally disgusting to see such driver on the road and it was also very unhygienic to spit saliva out from his taxi. This driver behaves like a gangster and please kindly look into this and hope he can be put away off the road in order not to disgrace Singapore taxi driver!! Not impressed.

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