03 Oct 2013   Su | Taxi Company: CityCab

“To the officers in charge,


I’ve made a cab booking on Tuesday,01/10/2013 at 2130hrs via phone booking.It took me at least an hour to wait for a cab at the golden landmark taxi stand(golden landmark bugis hotel) before i decided to make a call booking and through the aps at the same time.

Again,it took quite a while for me to get my booking confirmed..I then make my way to other taxi stands and decided that I would have to go to the bugis taxi stand.I finally received a confirmation on my mobile while I was on my way there . I rushed once I received the confirmation of Comfort Hyundai Sonata SH4990,I believed the driver’s name is Muhammad Zakaria(not certain of the spelling though) as confirmed by the operator,Ms Mary.

When I finally got there(the taxi stand,and it was just like a 3 minutes walking distance) I actually saw the driver took other passengers.And I actually have to run after that cab ! Of course I missed the cab because he had drove off with OTHER PASSENGERS WITHOUT EVEN CALLING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE & BEFORE HE COULD DECIDE TO CANCEL MINE!

Don’t drivers usually call the passengers first once arrived and to confirm before he could make any decision or cancel the booking?

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